Bare Minerals Make-Unders

Why choose Bare Minerals Make Up?

Established in 1979 Bare Escentuals has gone on to become the number 1 selling mineral make up world wide. Using only the very purist, cleanest quality minerals to create a range that is 100% minerals. That means no dyes, no preservatives, no oils or talcs all of which irritate, dry and age your skin ladies!

This make up is fantastic for even the most sensitive or problematic skins, in fact clinical trials have proven that wearing this make up actually improves your skins condition due to the natural healing benefits of the mineral zinc oxide.

Another huge plus is that Bare Escentuals is the only foundation to be recommended by the skin cancer foundation due to its unique broad spectrum SPF 15.

Bare Escentuals has truly revolutionized the way millions of women feel about their make up, it manages to achieve great coverage whilst looking natural, it feels totally weightless to wear and its healthy for your skin, in our opinion it is the only make up to choose.

All About Flawless Base Tutorial

30 mins - £29.50

Time to take it back to basics, learn how to achieve a natural flawless base, perfectly colour matched to your skin colour and tone. Getting this part correct is important in making the rest of your make up look great. A fantastic introduction to make up for teens just starting out!

All About Eyes Tutorial

30 mins - £29.50

Learn how to create amazing eyes that really stand out in the crowd! Feel confident with using colour, creating smokey eyes as well as lining and defining.

Whatever the look we can show you how!

The Complete Make Under Tutorial

1 hour - £49.50

Bored with using the same old colours and products? Playing it safe, but would love to try something fresh and new, or maybe your really not sure what to do and would appreciate some guidance. Allow our beauty experts to take you through a complete make up from start to finish, get all the top tips and know how so that you can create a look that you feel comfortable wearing everyday.

Time to overhaul that make up bag and be inspired!

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